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The following things (all legal, no lies or deception) on the online quote forms can help reduce the car insurance quotes:
Insurance Comparison Sites
Go Compare
Compare The Market
Those not on comparison sites
Multi car insurances (more than 1 car at home)
Aviva (install the Aviva app and complete 200 miles and fet a discount 10-40% based on your driving as interpreted by the ap)
About Car
Q: How much is the car worth?
A: Prices less than 3k increase quote, so stick to above 3k if possible. Since car resale value is highly subjective and not carved in stone, you can vary this +/- 1k easily to see what gives best quote. Savings: £25-50
About You
Q: Employment status?
A: Employed comes cheaper than SelfEmployed (as then its assumed you office is fixed, hence less driving) Savings: £25-50
Q: Main Occupation and Industry
A: for those in IT industry, “Computer Programmer” is the cheapest followed by “Computer Analyst”, and Industry being “Computer – Software”. For non-IT, kindly check more combinations. If you enter “Consultant”, the quote shoots up as its assumed you will travel a lot in consultancy. So give your ego a miss, and specify something more mundane. Also, this has got nothing to do with your official designation as long as you have not quoted a completely unrelated Occupation/Industry. Savings: £50
Q: Additional Driver
A: Even if your spouse doesnt drive and never intends to, get his/her provisional license applied for (fill form ,pay fee, costs £50, no tests to be given). Then enter Additional Driver as Spouse with Provisional License. Savings: £50-75
About Insurance Cover Type
Q: Kind of cover?
A: Try Comprehensive and Third Party combinations, sometimes Comprehensive is not at any additional cost – so why not?
Q: Car usage?
A: If you always take the train/bus/tube to office and never take the car to work, enter Social Only Savings: £50-75
Careful: if you take insurance for “social and domestic only” and then take your car to office, you will be heavily penalized for “driving without insurance”.
Q: Car Mileage?
A: Start with a reasonably low estimate, its absolutely acceptable to inform them later if you do cross the mileage. Savings: £25 per 5-10k miles
Q: Where is car kept in the day and overnight?
A: If parked at work, enter “Secure work parking” or something similar- the more secure it is the better the quote. Similarly, for overnight parking, if your house has a garage please select garage. If you have secured parking, enter “Secure Residential Parking” – its cheaper than “Drive Way” or “off the road”. Savings: £50-75
Q: Voluntary and Compulsary excess
A: This is an interesting one. Normally you would believe that higher the Voluntary Excess lower the quote? Not always! If you try to make Voluntary Excess to very low levels say £100, then it does push the quote. But making it very high (like £500 also pushes the quote) – so try middle ranges, like 250/350. Savings: £25
Q: Hire car? Courtesy Car?
A: Select them as No, we will get these added later at a discount (read below) Savings: £25
Q: telematics box?
A: some providers fit this box to track your driving. Its found good to get it installed and get discount.
Getting multiple quotes
Please try various combinations tweaking the tips given above. There is no credit check or cost for running multiple quote searches on comparison sites.
Final level of negotiation
1. Call the company for which you have the best quote (Elephant/Admiral/Aviva works for me)
2. Give them the quote number given to you by the comparison site
3. Tell them you have got the quote from, which will get you Nectar Points – they will reduce quote by similar amount Savings: £10-20
4. When they offer hire car and courtesy car and other add ons which you really want, let them present to you first. Then do a bit of “umm…hmm…. I am not sure if I can get a better price elsewhere…” and they will offer a 20-30% discount right away Savings: £20.

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