Professional Laminate flooring, painting and decorating service.

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Painting and decorating service.

Professional Laminate flooring, painting/decorating

We aim to provide the best quality finish with a premium quality service.

Painting and decorating services
Prices vary depending on the size of room/hallway. Please call or message us to discuss further.
Other Services include
– Skirting boards

Laminate flooring, painting/decorating
We provide a professional Laminate floor fitting and tile regrouting service in all London areas.
Our standard price for room/hallways varies between £150 – £300. This includes the fitting of laminate, beading and underlay. If the subfloor needs to be prepared there will be an additional charge which will be discussed prior to fitting.
Services include
Laminate floor fitting/ adequate sub-floor preparation/ removing skirting or fitting skirting post installation/sticky back floor installation .

Country:United Kingdom
Address:Plumstead corner
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