New Laxmi Jewellers | Nepali Jewellery Shop In UK

New Laxmi Jewellers Ltd is a well known Nepalese Jewelries shop which is situated in Aldershot, UK. Here-
*We sell proper traditional Nepalese Jewellery as well as the latest designs on fashion.
*we also buy your old unwanted gold jewelleries.
*in-house goldsmiths are here to help you repairing service.
*please visit our store or call us to know more about New Laxmi Jewellers Ltd.

Some popular jewellery items we sell:
Bangles & Chura, Bindiya, Bracelets, Ear Rings, Diamond Jewellery, Ladies Rings, Kid’s Jewellery, Mangalsutra, Minihaars, Nepali Traditional Jewelleries, Men’s Jewellery, Raanihaars, Pendents and Chains etc.

95 Victoria Road
Aldershot, UK
GU11 1JE

Mobile: 07400662999
Phone :01252299049

Opening Times:
Mon to Sat – 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM

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