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Party? Lunch with the girls? New years? We have got you covered. Ranging from affordable prices YOU’LL enjoy!! Our makeup looks great for professional photos as well!!

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Our price list:
Makeup Price List:
`No-Makeup’ Makeup : £28
– Foundation (light coverage)
– Concealer (light coverage)
– Bronzer
– Blush
– Highlight
– Lashes – Mascara or Very Natural Wispy Eyelashes
– Eyebrows (optional)
– Lips
‘Flirty’ Glam : £34
– Full Base Makeup (Foundation, Concealer, Bronzer, Blush, Highlighter)
– Natural Eyeshadow (optional)
– Eyeliner (optional)
– Lashes
– Eyebrows (optional)
– Lips
‘Stay All Day’ Makeup : £60
– Full Coverage Base (Foundation + Concealer)
– Bronzer, Contour, Blush, Highlighter
– Dramatic Eye Makeup
– Dramatic Lashes

– Foundation and mascara is required from the client.
– If eyelashes are not on hand there will be an extra charge depending on the makeup look.

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