Khukuri Cross Nepalese and Indian Restaurant

“Khukuri Cross” has emerged as the leading Nepalese and Indian Restaurant in Maidstone Since its opening and has won awards for excellent food, with both Master Chef and Quality Food Awards. The Menu balances flavour, texture and colour, all of which are integral to Khukuri Cross touching a high note in your symphony of senses. Equal attention is lavished on preparation and presentation. If cuisine is an art, then our chef has mastered the magnificent canvas. We serve innovative cuisine from different region of Nepal and India, with genuine friendly hospitality and great efficiency.Nepalese food is as diverse as the country itself and it’s ethnic group. Keeping this in mind, our chef has prepared the menu with meticulous care, so his customers can enjoy the different varieties and flavours of Nepal and India here in Maidstone. What makes food at Khukuri Cross so exquisite is the combination of elegance and simplicity of the cooking style and the sophisticated and subtle use of many spices and herbs. We also put a lot of emphasis on the quality of the ingredients used and presentation.

Price range: £15 – £27

Dining options: Dinner, Reservations, Delivery, After-hours


Khukuri Cross
Maidstone West Train Station
Station Approach
Kent, ME16 8RJ

Telephone: 01622 765 999

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