Gurkha Builders

घर मर्मत सम्बन्धि कुनै पनि काम भएमा सम्झिन नबिर्सनु :
गोर्खा बिल्डर्स (GURKHA BUILDERS)
We are a team of professionals with over 5 years UK experience in building services.
*Painting & Decorating
*Skimming & Plastering
*Laminate & wood flooring, Wall tiling & Floor tiling
*Bathroom & Kitchen fitting
*Plumbing services
*All Extensions (Loft, Kitchen, Toilet & Bathroom)
*Electrical works
*Carpentry & Joinery
*General home maintenance services
*Garden fence replacement & installations
सम्पर्क टेलीफोन नम्बर: 07832904242

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