Full HD CCTV System Installation and maintenance also FREE Remote Setup.

We are an experienced CCTV installation and maintenance company based in London with many years of experience and expertise in this field. If you have any sort of business/office or private property which needs to upgrade or total new installation of CCTV system at your place, we will be very happy to do a free site survey and recommend the best technology and system as per your requirements.


·      Complete H.264 CCTV kit comes complete with 2/4/8 or 16-night vision security cameras. Backup via USB Drive. Remotely activate and View Via the Internet from anywhere and anytime. 

·      Support P2P technology, the CCTV DVR can be linked through the internet. without any complicated port mapping. 

·      SMACK M compression technology for excellent bandwidth utilization.

·      5 Layer encryption featured for security protection.

·      Support 2/4/8 or 16 channel simultaneous live viewing via your smartphone.

·      Support Capture, Record and Remote Video Playback in your smartphone. 

·      Support Cloud System For Remote Access. 

·      Support 2/4/8 or 16 Channel Simultaneous Playback. 

·      Support HDMI Output/RT3070 Chip USB Wireless Network Card Adapter. 

·      Advanced Motion Detection Recording. 

·      Instant Email Alert if Activity Detected.

·      Alarm verification with state of the art security cameras.

Ø   Every installation has been specifically designed to meet our customer’s requirements and prices can vary as per requirement of the customers.

Ø   Our systems are professional and tested security equipment provided by authorized Security Distributors, coming with 3 YEARS WARRANTY.

Ø   We can integrate your CCTV system to communicate with you via the internet wherever you are using your (Smartphone, PC or other internet connected devices). 

Ø   We provide both Business and home security solutions.


For more information please, contact on 07415102290 / 07533115431 or you can email on: m.sunny@logicsltd.com   

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